Hello! I'm Avaleya Kelly and thank you for visiting to my website. I am a singer/songwriter, visual artist, actor and comedian. I have dedicated my life to creating music and art and have so much passion in my creations. I've been singing and creating music since I was a little girl and my dream was that I would grow up and be an artist and musician. Well I have done that except I'm not sure I ever really grow up! 

Avaleya Kelly is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, actor and comedian from Sacramento, California. She began her music career in 1992 playing bass and singing in Crash and Britany that lasted until 1998. From 1999-2014 she performed under her birth name Kelly Slusher releasing a handful of singles and three full-length albums including her debut release “Rocks and Tears” on Elefant Records from Madrid, Spain. In 2014 she was invited to sing and play keyboards with Rocketship on their reunion tour headlining sold out shows at the NY and SF Popfests. In May of 2015 she had a personal transformation that inspired her to change her name to Avaleya Kelly. In August of 2015 she formed Avaleya and The GlitterHawks with ex-members of Rocketship and recorded a 5 song EP released under the title GlitterFeather. In 2018, Avaleya went solo performing as a singer/songwriter. In 2019, she began a new artistic adventure of creating collage animation music videos and she now includes these in her live performances.

Avaleya Kelly's Bio

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