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Create with abandon!

Creativity frees us, expands us and takes us to new places. This subject is very important to me. I grew up in a very creative family so it's easy for me to dive into a new project with abandon. A lot of people think that creativity is preserved only for people who are special or artists. But that is not true.

I hear people say "I'm not creative" but I disagree. Think about this; from the start of our day we begin creating, what I am going to do today? What shall I wear? What shall I eat? What route shall I take to getting to my destination today? All day we have to use our creative brain to even get through the day. My suggestion for anyone struggling on how to be creative and where to start is to try something new a few times a week. Take a different route to work, try a new cafe, just break up your routine. It starts the brain to begin to fire in new ways. The second thing I suggest is start journaling. Just get a blank note book and write down everything that is really bothering you or all the things you wish you could say but really can't or just your deepest thoughts. Do this everyday or as often as you have the time or inspiration. This will bring great change in your way of thinking and help dissolve creative blocks. Going to an art museum or go see a music show really can help get your creative juices flowing as well.

I want to see more people tap into their creative brain because I deeply care about people and the direction we are going on this planet. Often we sit on our computers, phones, escape in netflix etc and space out or distract ourselves. I'm not saying any of that is bad, just not an excess of it and if that is all we are doing with our day that is when it can be a problem. I was doing that last year because I wasn't in my creative flow and I wasn't feeling inspired. So one day I decided to take a crack at painting. Let me tell you I am not good at painting. I actually kinda suck at it. But guess what? I got myself to do something creative everyday and it opened up my creative brain and I got a huge inspiration to start doing video collages. Have you checked out my animation videos? All done through exploring different art forms until I figured out my medium. Pretty rad. One reason why people don't want to try anything new and creative is because most people think you have to create a masterpiece. That simply is NOT true. Let me tell you a big secret; it's not the end product it's the process. I know we've all heard this before but it's so true. The process of creating something is where the magic is. If you end up making something you're proud of that is wonderful but that isn't what it's all about. Think about what art or music therapy is. I have processed so much trauma through my creative process. It's truly amazing.

What inspires you? What have you always wanted to try but haven't had the courage? Here's a list of different ideas.






metal work

glass blowing

video art


woodblock printing


silk screening

start a blog and write about something you're passionate about

learn to play an instrument

Just few ideas to get you inspired! Create with abandon!

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