• Avaleya Kelly

My handmade animations going Live!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I have spent this past year creating animations for both live and music videos. I have finally completed enough of them to have them play beside me during my live performances. I knew it was going to be rad, I just didn’t know how well my animations would fit with my music. I am super excited to share this with everyone. These are a labor of love, I have spent hours creating these and I had to give up my social life for a time being so I could have the discipline to get these finished. The result was absolutely worth it. I think that the intimacy of these animations comes across when people experience them.

I’m debuting these animations with my live performance Saturday Oct. 17th at Foxhound Espresso and Broasters in Nevada City, CA. Other performers on the bill include Sasha Sylvanant, Chris French, Spectrehaus and Rainer Rose. If you live here in town come check it out. I would love to take this on the road so we’ll see if that’s in the cards.

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