• Avaleya Kelly

Why I play in 432hz

In the past 5 years all my releases have been in 432 hertz. I also perform live using 432hz instead of the standard 440 hertz tuning.

I naturally sing in 432 hz and I believe we all do. I know this because years ago when I would have a melody that came to me in my head I would pick up my guitar and I would try to find the matching chords and I could never ever find the correct note. It made zero since because I knew I was singing somewhere in the key of C or D. And one day I heard about this alternative tuning in 432hz. It immediately peeked my interest and I ran and grabbed my guitar and tuned it in 432 and I was able to find those notes I previously could not match in the standard 440hz tuning. I was so happy to discover this.

I also noticed that it made my music sound just a little more pretty and flowing. Very settle, but I am so in tune with subtle energy that I really noticed a difference. Then I started studying sound vibrations and how they effect our moods and emotional state, health, and over all well-being. That made sense to me that I could give my audience an even more beautiful version of my songs that could potentially bring them to higher states of consciousness and bring emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Wow! Why aren’t more musicians doing this? I have a very big interest in the healing arts so it makes a lot of sense to combine this with my music.

I just read that Bob Marley, Prince and John Lennon all tuned to 432hz! Pretty awesome!

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